The 2020 Milton Maize Maze has been cancelled

Farmer Rob’s Wild Flower Meadow & Farm Trail

Next door to the Reservoir and the Car Park you will find our Wild Flower Meadow.

During the Maze Season there will be Frisbee Golf set up in the Wild Flower Meadow so you can have some fun whilst walking around.



Remember to see Huey, Dewey and Louie our adorable alpacas who are looking forward to meeting you over the Summer.

Milton Maize Maze

Pygmy Goats

Make friends with our Pygmy goats, they love having their photo taken but watch out as they are not fussy what they nibble, in the past they have eaten someone’s competition entry for the maze and even a sock!! You can now have some fun feeding the goats; there is now a dispenser near their pen and for a 20p piece you can get some goat food.

Milton Maize Maze


You will find a selection of poultry we have both Cuckoo & Copper Marrans; their eggs are very dark brown and they oblige and lay plenty of eggs for Farmer Rob’s breakfast. You may also see Rocky the Rooster who is a Copper Marran with his wives. On the Farm Trail at the reservoir there is usually quite a selection of both wild and domestic Geese along with a very strange looking Muscovy duck.

Milton Maize Maze

Feeding the Fish

In the Reservoir we have Rainbow Trout and Carp lurking in the depths. There are dispensers for fish food near the reservoir these take a 20p piece.

At various times during the year, you may see other wildfowl joining our resident Geese & Ducks: Swans, Geese, Moorhens, Coots, Mallard Ducks and often a heron patrolling the ditches looking for frogs.

Milton Maize Maze

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