Open 19th July – 3rd September 2019


What should we wear?

Before setting off for a day at The Milton Maize Maze, look outside to see if it is going to be a damp or a sunny day. We always recommend sensible shoes or trainers, remember this is an agricultural field so paths maybe uneven. Wellies are recommended if there has been rain. On sunny days remember to pack sun hats and sun creams. When we have extremely high temperatures we recommend bringing socks for the trampolines and covering legs on the slides with leggings or trousers.


How long will it take?

We normally recommend that you allow yourself 1 hour 30 minutes to navigate the maze and allow yourself another two + hours to enjoy the other activities on site. However, we are aware of quite a few visitors who are now staying the whole day.

The maze is a multi-maze with two completely different mazes in one. Some people prefer to do one half then go out and have something to eat or go on a Tractor and trailer ride before tackling the other half of the maze later in the day.


Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes we do; in the Entrance Kiosk, Shop, BBQ and our Coffee & Ice Cream Kiosk. The only card which is not accepted is American Express.


Online Tickets - Save money and buy your day tickets online.

Remember you can book tickets online, there is a link on each page of This Milton Maize Maze website. Our online tickets are open and can be used any day up until 3rd September, always book your tickets by midnight prior to your planned visit. Remember to keep in touch by joining our newsletter or following us Facebook and Twitter as we will be making special offers to followers.


What do we do in the Maze?

On arriving at the kiosk, you will each be given a wristband to wear, you may then come and go to the Maze, the Field of Fun, Pets’ Paddock, Farm Trail and the Rectory Farm Shop as many times as you like on that day. You will also be given a Quiz Sheet to fill in as you journey around the maze, you will have clues to collect so you can crack the final code ~ Good Luck.


Do we have to pay extra for the activities?

Once you have paid on arrival at the Maze Kiosk, all the activities in the Field of Fun are included, you may keep going on them as many times as you like as long as you keep your wristband on. (There is a £1 charge for the tractors and digger in the Farm Shop Courtyard which are available all year around.)


Will I get lost?

There is a good chance you may get lost; it is a seven acre field with several miles of paths! Never fear if you don’t soon get your bearings there are maze marshals on hand to point you in the right direction. (Remember to take the map that you were given at the entrance kiosk into the Maze!).


How many children can an adult take into the maze?

Due to the nature of the site; risk of getting lost, deep water etc. we do ask that an adult only looks after 4 children this includes any child from birth up to and including 15 year olds.


Can my children go in alone?

All Children under 16 have to be accompanied at all times both in the maze and on the rest of the site, by an adult.


What Toilet facilities are there?

We have toilets close to the maze including baby changing and disabled toilets. Although they are close remember to pay a visit before you enter the maze ~ you may be in there for some time!


Disability & Special Needs

The first row of the maze car park is reserved for blue badge holders. For Electric Buggies and Wheelchairs see the section below. We have many disabled and special need visitors come to the Maze each year, if you wish to discuss a visit that includes a disabled or a visitor with special needs please phone 01223 860374 and we can advise you on tickets and accessibility and hopefully any other query you may have.


Can a Wheel chairs or pushchairs navigate the maze?

We design the maze with wheels in mind. Obviously they are unable to go over the bridges but they have special paths around the sides. You will not miss any of the clues if you have wheels. Remember that this is an agricultural field so it will not be advisable to go around the maze if there has been heavy rain. Finally, we do have some visitors who come in battery operated buggies, remember that it is a long way around the maze so make sure your batteries are well charged, it is not easy to push them when the juice runs out!!


Height Restriction

The Site now has a height restriction in the Main Car Park. Visitors, Delivery drivers and Coaches with vehicles over 2.0 metres in height should ignore the Car Park sign and enter via our Main Gate and press the intercom to gain access. Visitors can then let the Maze Entrance/Shop staff when they wish to be let out at the end of their visit.


What do you have to eat/can I bring a picnic?

There is a BBQ Marquee & Coffee Cabin on the Field of Fun serving local sausages and beef burgers you can also purchase a snack, drinks or treat yourself to an ice cream! Hot food on the BBQ is served from midday until 2.30pm. Snacks and Ice Creams on sale until 5.30pm.

You may bring your own picnic, this may not be consumed near the animal areas.

In the Farm Shop you can buy sandwiches, children’s lunch boxes, snacks, delicious cakes and Walls Ice Cream (The shop closes at 5.30pm.)


Season Tickets – These are for the Summer Maze only

These provide excellent value for money, you may visit on any day (every day if you wish) between; 19th July – 3rd September. Take advantage of our early bird offers and buy your ticket early online, the last day you can book an early bird ticket is Sunday 30th June 2019. Bring your email confirmation along to the Maze Entrance Kiosk next to the Farm Shop once the maze has opened and you will be issued with a credit card style season ticket, once this has been issued you can use your Season Ticket up until and including Tuesday 3rd September.


Why is the maze only open 8 weeks even though the site is open all year?

Maize is an annual crop which means that it is planted in the spring and is mature by mid-late Summer. We plant the field in late April, cut the paths into the pattern in May ready for you to get lost in July. In the Autumn; some of the cobs get fed to the animals. Also if we tried to lengthen the season you have to remember that this is an agricultural field so it would get too muddy to walk on!


Is the maze always open every day during the Maze Season?

If there has been excessively heavy rain overnight there may be a possibility of a delayed opening. We place a notice on the homepage of this website if we will delay opening, we also place notices on our facebook and twitter pages so we recommend you join them by clicking on the icon below for regular news. During the day, if there has been a shower, some equipment may temporarily be withdrawn from use for Health & Safety reasons we always endeavour to dry and re-open as quickly as safely possible.


May we bring our dog?

Dogs are not allowed on the site, with the exception of fully trained guide dogs with a registered blind person or similarly fully trained assistance dogs. Visitors who are only visiting the shop may leave their dog briefly in a ventilated car in the car park.

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