The Milton Maize Maze & Field of Fun are now closed for the season.

The Milton Maize Maze

The Milton Maize Maze & Field of Fun are now closed for the season.

In 2019 the Maze will open on Friday 19th July through to Tuesday 3rd September.
We will once again be offering Early Bird Tickets available from 1st April. To keep updated make sure that you join our mailing list below and follow us on Facebook to hear all our news on special offers.

Farmer Rob and the Maze Team have been busy getting the Maze ready and this year you can explore our Giant Maze celebrating Man’s first moon landing 50 years ago.

In 2018 our Maze to the form of a giant Unicorn and visitors discovered various Magical and Mythical Creatures on their way.

In 2017 Farmer Rob created a Giant Castle in the Maze and visitors explored their way around from the dungeons up to the highest turret.

This year the Maze was a Giant Galleon which was being attached by an Octopus! Visitors hunted for clues to find where the treasure was buried on Black Beard’s map.

This year we went dinosaur mad at Milton with a 7 Acre Tyrannosaurus Rex. Visitors had to find their way around the maze counting dinosaur eggs before the dinosaur found them!

This year saw a healthy eating theme with a Food Hunt to collect ingredients to make a meal with the Maze in the form our own Mr Cobby!

This was a year of mind bending illusions with the maze taking the shape of a Penrose Triangle. Everyone was kept busy puzzling out the phantasmagorical mind benders which appeared throughout the maze.

In 2012 Farmer Rob and his animal friends joined in with all the sporting celebrations with their own Animal Games Maze Challenge! Entrants found their way around the maze track and became a “Milton Maze Medallist!”

Our theme for 2011 was Farmer Rob’s Maze Trap the Biggest Board Game in The World! Participants had to navigate their way through the maze without getting caught in one of the Maze Traps.



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Please note we only allow 4 children per adult regardless of age.

Milton Maize Maze

Milton Maize Maze

Older Maize Designs

In 2010 we celebrated the Anniversary of The Battle of Britain with a Spitfire Maze. Learning whilst you took part in the maze the historical facts about the Battle, the planes and the involvement of the local area.

In 2009 we celebrated 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin by creating an Evolutionary Adventure through the maze, visitors made discoveries by navigating to the Galapagos Islands within the maze finding clues as they went to find what creature they had become on our Giant Tree of Life.

In 2008 we tried to raise awareness of the valuable work of The East Anglian Air Ambulance. Visitors found their way around the swooping helicopter maze finding facts about history of the Air ambulance and how may fire appliances were in Cambridgeshire!

In 2007 we created a collage of Cambridge views with Kings College Chapel & The Mathematical Bridge. Some of Quiz questions we asked visitors were; which was the oldest Cambridge College, who founded Kings College and how long is the River Cam!

We had an animal theme to our maze in 2006 with a maze medley of Farmyard animals. With animal related questions asking how many piglets does a sow have, what is the oldest recorded age of donkey?

After you have completed the maze there is plenty more to do. Tractor & trailer rides, Go Karts, Mini Golf & Giant Slides. All activities are included in the entrance price.

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